(slideshow photos by: exersisecompassion.com and Shoshana Frishberg)

Why Veggie Prom is way better than your high school prom


  • We’ll have a bar at Veggie Prom!
  • You’re encouraged to wear your craziest dressy outfits. Ladies, you can dust off and slip on those bridesmaids dresses that you kept all these years!
  • We’ll have vegan snacks and desserts at Veggie Prom!
  • DJ Lil Ray  will spin the tunes you want to hear all night long!
  • Prom Court!
  • All your friends will be there!
  • No date necessary to attend!
  • There will be a photo booth that our dear friend, Shoshana Frishberg-Izzo, will be at to snap your photos to document the night! You can take as many as you want!!